Denver Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Denver criminal defense attorneys at Wolf Law provide aggressive and compassionate representation in a variety of criminal and traffic cases that include felony, misdemeanor and municipal charges. If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Colorado, please call 720-479-8574 to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Wolf Law has successfully defended and achieved fair resolutions to cases including:

Assault and Abuse Charges

  • Assault (including felony, misdemeanor and municipal charges)
  • Child abuse (including felony, misdemeanor and municipal charges)
  • Domestic violence (including domestic violence against men)

Drug and DUI Charges

  • Drugs (including charges related to possession, manufacture, distribution and sale)
  • DUI/DWAI (including charges related alcohol, marijuana and other drugs)

Internet and Computer Crime Charges

  • Computer and internet crimes (including all charges involving the use of a computer and/or the internet)
  • Forgery or fraud (including all charges of alleged fraud and/or forgery)
  • Identity theft (including possession of financial transaction devices as well as all felony, misdemeanor and municipal charges)

Sex Crime Charges

  • Sexual assault (including charges related to rape and unlawful sexual contact)
  • Sex crimes (including charges involving minors and adults, internet luring, sexual exploitation, child pornography, public indecency and sexting)
  • Sex offender deregistration (including eligibility analysis, petition filing and hearing representation)

Theft and Shoplifting Charges

  • Shoplifting (including court representation and assistance with civil demands from establishments seeking shoplifting charges)
  • Theft (including felony, misdemeanor and municipal charges)

Traffic Charges

Additional Practice Areas

  • Criminal mischief (including vandalism, and all felony and misdemeanor charges)
  • Criminal record sealing and expungement (including eligibility analysis, petition filing and hearing representation)
  • Harassment (including physical contact, verbal disputes and stalking at the felony, misdemeanor and municipal levels)
  • Probation violation (including negotiation with probation officers and district attorneys, and representation at probation violation hearings)
  • Protection orders (including the violation of protection orders or restraining orders, as well as the filing of and defense against civil restraining orders)

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