Denver Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Denver shoplifting defense lawyerShoplifting is a form of theft charge that can create a unique set of problems. Often when someone is charged with shoplifting it is for a small dollar theft. Following what seems like a fairly minor situation, people will often receive what is called a “civil demand letter” often from a law firm in an entirely different state. The letter demands payment of a fine prior to you even going to court to determine guilt or innocence. Do not respond to a letter like this before speaking to an attorney! It can be seen as an admission of guilt!

Shoplifting, like any other theft-related charge, can have consequences that far outweigh the incident. Employment can be affected by being convicted of stealing a candy bar or a t-shirt! Don’t go into a case like this alone no matter how small it may seem at the time.

The defense attorneys at Wolf Law have handled a large number of shoplifting cases throughout the Denver Metro area and understand the unique problems they can create. We handle your case from start to finish to get you the best possible outcome on all fronts.

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