Denver Harassment Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with harassment?


Denver harassment defense lawyerHarassment is one of the broadest charges that one can be charged with in the state of Colorado. It can include everything from misdemeanor charges of striking, shoving, kicking, unwanted/excessive phone calls or obscene language to felony charges for stalking or emotional distress. Because harassment is such a broad statute, it is often used against someone when the police or the district attorney can’t find anything else to use. You should never end up with a criminal conviction because law enforcement can’t decide what to do with you! Many conflicts that result in a harassment charge are minor, but a misdemeanor or felony charge on your record is not.

The Harassment lawyers at Wolf Law understand that no one should play games with your criminal record or turn a small incident into a life-changing criminal record. We have extensive experience dealing with all types of harassment charges and doesn’t view the impact they have on your life to be any less serious than any other charge.

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