Expert Help

I am glad that I was referred to Jeff. His capable counsel turned a really big mess into a straightforward procedure. All my contacts with the entire staff at Wolf Law were outstanding. Jeff was able to explain very complicated proceedings in a way that made sense and allowed me confidence that I was fully prepared. Jeff’s professionalism both inside and outside the courtroom was an immense help during a tough time. Legal troubles are very stressful, and it is important to have someone working for you with the experience and knowledge to be able to help. Jeff provided that and more: never feeling lost in the situation was an added benefit that was priceless. I would highly recommend the team at Wolf Law.

-John B.

Highly Professional

Jeffrey Wolf handled my traffic violation in a highly professional manner, giving it the same consideration and time as a more challenging case, during a very stressful time in my life. As soon as the accident happened, he was there to offer advice and help. He went to court for me, so I would not have to take time off of work to go. His care and concern for my well-being was top-notch. Thank you so much, Jeff!

-Carol P.

Great Work

Great working with you Jeffrey Wolf, thanks for your due diligence.

-Michael Carr

Experience with Wolf Law

My case wasn't exactly a difficult one but Colleen gave me the personal attention and guidance of a high profile case. Colleen was very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend her and anybody at Wolf Law LLC.

-Andy C.

Complete Satisfaction

Jeff took on 2 cases for me with complete success. He is extremely sharp and confident. Jeff really gets to know his clients and is very sympathetic to their needs.
The relationships he has with prosecutors and the judges was pure respect. When he spoke he had the ears of the courtroom. He speaks very eloquent and exudes confidence that translates into the result I was looking for, "Case Dismissed."

I highly recommend his services. If you are need of his services you will get more than what you pay for.

-Steven Lopez

Professional and Honest

I was worried about looking for a lawyer because I have never done so before, but Jeff Wolf made it super easy for me and I couldn't have been more happy with his services. He called me anytime something happened with my case or needed anything from me. He got me out of a 10 day jail sentence which really helped me since I started school this week. Honestly it was nothing but a professional and honest experience.

-Robert A.

Outstanding Job

Jeff, I just wanted to that you and your office for the outstanding job you did on my case. Thank you for the time you and your staff put in to get the outcome in my case

-Timothy Boxley

Responsive, Insightful, Professional and Compassionate

Jeff is not only great in the courtroom, but has a sense of caring and true passion for his profession. He takes the time to explain things with a productive attitude. I would highly recommend him and can't thank him enough.


Wolf Law Will Take Care of You

Receiving a DUI is a scary ordeal, and obtaining 2 inside of 10 years is horrendous. Douglas county is the foulest place to get a DUI and was looking at major jail time. From the moment I met Mr. Wolf; he gave me an enormous sense of relief. Wolf Law dealt with everything from the DMV hearing to the last day in court. My primary concern was jail time, and losing everything in the process. After we negotiated with the DA and worked with the Judge, I received 2 years’ probation, with some classes and community service. Couldn’t have asked for anything more! Jeff Wolf is not only a great guy, but he's also a fantastic attorney. If you’re in the market, Wolf Law will take care of you.

-Kelly S.

Look No Further – Jeff is the Best

I was falsely accused of a crime with serious consequences, was very depressed and got even more depressed and frustrated as I was interviewing attorneys to defend me. They had a broad spectrum of approaches and some were ready to head to trial immediately as it seemed they were primarily interested in battles and my money rather than my best interests. The first one was extremely arrogant and rushed to get me off the phone. My court appearance date was approaching and I was ready to give up when I came across Jeffrey’s website. I read he had once also been falsely accused which motivated him to become an attorney. After further reading, his philosophy appealed to me so I set up a free session.

I met with Jeffrey and told him what happened. He explained the alleged crime and potential consequences and then spoke about himself and his approach. I spent more time than the “free time” allocated but was never rushed. He listened, believed me and was really genuine as I had not witnessed before with other attorneys.

By the time we finished talking, I felt respected and not disrespected as I found out with this accusation, you are guilty until proven innocent from most everyone’s perspective. I hired Jeff on the spot and when I left his office, I felt this big burden lifted off my shoulders as I knew I could trust him to do his best for me. I was finally able to sleep that night and after several weeks able to put this out of my mind as being the constant main focus.

If you are seeking a very knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, honest and respectful attorney, Jeffrey fits the bill. He is a great listener and never rushed me even with a flat fee rate. He has a good rapport with the Court who also respectfully listens to him. He is well spoken in the courtroom. I have seen him in several cases reaching very good settlements for his clients. On my case, he provided me his opinion with his rationale as to how I should proceed but allowed me to then make a decision as to go to trial or take a plea bargain. He would fully support my decision either way. Jeff is very good in providing the pros and cons, risks, and potential scenarios that may play out. My case will be dismissed shortly and record sealed as a result of Jeff’s hard work, negotiations, poking holes in the accuser’s story pre-trial, and dedication to my satisfactory case resolution. If you want the best, look no further as you have found him. Thank you Jeff!

-David C.

A Fantastic Lawyer

Mr. Jeffrey Wolf is without a doubt the best criminal and traffic lawyer in the Denver, CO. area. His attention to detail, his explanations of various procedures and law related information is without a doubt the best around and I lived in Las Vegas and Chicago. I highly recommend Mr. Wolf to any and all individuals out there that need legal representation.

-Marco Toth

So Thankful

I came to Jeff completely concerned about some false allegations against me. Jeff helped me get the charges dropped. Jeff was very professional and I am very thankful I was able to work with him.

-Duane Crum

Best DUI Lawyer in Denver

Mr. Jeff Wolf was amazing in guiding me through my DUI case and securing a very favorable outcome given it was my 3rd DUI. Jeff will walk you through the whole process, answer all of your questions and even though I am sure he has several other cases he will get back to you in a very timely manner. He is excellent in the courtroom. I highly recommend this lawyer if you are facing a difficult time in your life. He is simply the best!

-Matthew D Stallings

Excellent Representation

I hired Jeff on a great review, and he handled my case excellently. My husband and I had a case with a neighbor, and we had 2 separate attorneys for representation. Jeff was my attorney, he did an excellent job for both my husband and myself (even though he was only representing myself). Very quick to communicate, very easy to get a hold of, kept me in constant contact of case status. He spoke with positive comments about my husband and did his absolute best for the most logical and legal output.

My husband came home from court and immediately mentioned I need to phone Jeff and thank him for his representation on this case but Jeff had already called me with the results. As soon as he got back to his office, it was a high priority. Highly recommend him and his professionalism and instant communication of status.

-Jennifer Bradley

I Was Very Well Represented by Jeff

Regarding a DV assault charge, Jeff was able to have the judge do something he stated he'd never done in any similar case: he deferred my sentence, reduced probation, reduced the amount of classes I would have to take from being many weeks on end to 2 days, and instead of requiring a no-contact order (which would have left me homeless and unable to speak to my partner via any means), he placed me on a no-contact order with alcohol... That alone was the best thing I could hear.

Without going into details of my case, this was the best possible outcome I could have been given, and I'm so happy that I was recommended to him by a fellow law professional that went to school with Jeff. I will be using him again when the time comes to put this case behind me for good, and would recommend him to anyone who needs expert defense, and wants someone to explain your case in simple, yet professional terms. I felt very well taken care of. Thank you again, Jeff!

-Laurie A.

I Would Give Wolf Law 50 stars Out of 10 if I Could

I wanted to take a moment and give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Wolf Law (and Colleen Kelley specifically)!

I had contacted Wolf Law recently regarding a previous offense and legal registration questions. This was for Sex Offender De-registration for the State of Colorado. After taking the time to review my case, my information, etc. etc, Wolf Law was able to take my case.

Considering the amount of time and effort involved to be removed, I am extremely grateful for Colleen Kelly/Wolf Law's assistance in the matter.

After almost a decade, I was removed from the registry, and can now put a long chapter of my life behind me.

I would give Wolf Law 50 stars out of 10 if I could.

Again, THANK YOU Wolf Law for all your assistance and help in this matter!

I would very very very much recommend Wolf Law for your legal needs and/or situations. Please take a moment to contact them if you need to!


Above & Beyond

When I first came to Jeff Wolf, I was facing some serious jail time. I wasn't able to sleep at night and was just counting down the days to the inevitable. Not only did he get me a deal with no jail, he even got my fines dismissed!!! Wasn't even hoping for that at best. He truly is a magic worker and his reputation within the legal system is beyond reproach, as I found in his communications with the DA.

If that were the end of the story it would be enough, but he went further. I was worried about a follow up court date that was not covered by my payment and he went with me just to make sure I didn't get taken advantage of. Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family Jeff -- words can't express...

-Gregory M. Clark

Professional & Efficient

Just wanted to express my appreciation for Jeff and his services. I met him via referral and he was up front and honest throughout the entire process. He encouraged me to start my process ahead of schedule and that proved to not only help me with court (being prepared), but also for my own personal growth through this unfortunate situation I got myself into. Thanks Jeff for always being available, transparent and honest - I had realistic expectations throughout my legal process. Definitely will recommend to anyone I come across in a similar situation.

-Nicole R.

Incredible Defense with the Perfect Outcome

When I was arrested at a concert hall for trespassing and placed in a detox center it didn't feel right. I had confronted the police in order to find out why they where arresting somebody I knew and within seconds of my questioning I was in cuffs and associated with a crime that I seemingly had nothing to do with.

When I was released from detox I thought it was over but then I understood that I had to appear in court and my previously clean record was facing the documentation of a criminal charge. I wanted to try to keep my record clean and with some help I hired Wolf Law.

Given the relative simplicity of my case I only had to meet at the office of Jeffrey Wolf a handful of times. From the first visit I could tell that Jeffery was very professional and very serious. As more of my case was revealed and in consecutive meetings I could tell that Jeffery was building a strong defense.

While he couldn't promise me any certain outcome his resolve to defend me as strongly as he possibly could was obvious. On my first court date, before much of the details of my case where known, I was accompanied by Jeffrey Wolf's associate lawyer Colleen Kelley. Colleen defended me with a skillful amount of experience and made it possible for Wolf Law and me to buy more time and obtain the legal information required to build a defense.

On my second court date, after having met several times, I was accompanied by Jeffrey. Jeffrey told me to wait outside the courtroom and I complied. After roughly 20 minutes he reappeared to me with a welcoming smile and gave me the good news that he had gotten my cased dropped.

I'm not quite sure what he did in those 20 minutes but I can say with satisfaction that it was an amazing job. I felt, with fingers crossed, that it was a possibility that my case would be dropped but when it actually happened I almost couldn't believe it. I'm very thankful for the work and service that was provided by Wolf Law. For them I have the utmost respect and my recommendation to anyone needing legal service goes to them with 100% certainty in their ability to promise and do their best.

-Christopher Powell

Best Lawyer Experience

Colleen does care about your case, she's kind, loyal and really professional. Very good communication. Just the best.

-Raymond Medina

Great Lawyer

Wolf Law represented family of mine facing legal difficulties, and they did a fantastic job! Wolf Law provided value and service vastly superior to prior legal council. They are very responsive, answering all our inquiries via phone or email (even during late hours). The legal system can be troubling and messy. Mr. Wolf (and staff) explained everything in clear and understandable terms. We never had any questions as to what would happen next or what he would do for us.

Don't trust your fate to just anybody, I recommend Wolf Law!

-Charles Adams

Professional and Reliable

I retained Wolf Law to represent me in Denver County Court. The firm was professional, knowledgeable about the law and the court system, and prompt in responding to my communications. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my court case. I highly recommend that you hire Wolf Law.


I Couldn't have been Happier

I couldn't have been happier with how Colleen Kelley handled my case. From the moment I began working with Colleen, she informed me of all of my options and helped me weigh the pro's and con's of pursuing various avenues. Colleen kept me updated every step of the way; she was available whenever I needed her, and she helped me navigate the confusing court system. Colleen is professional, knowledgable, an amazing advocate, and an exceptional attorney. I will recommend her to anyone who needs someone in their corner.


Fully and Enthusiastically Recommended

When I was arrested for DUI/careless driving, I was overcome with a profound sense of hopelessness - I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and I thought my life (including my career) was ruined. Making the decision to call Mr. Wolf for a consultation was the best decision I could have made. His immediate response set my mind at ease and gave me a the peace of mind that I so desperately needed.

Upon meeting him in person, I was thoroughly impressed by his experience and expertise, but what really struck me was his personable demeanor and genuine interest in helping me. He was very patient in explaining the legal process and made sure I was well prepared for every step of the way.

There is no doubt that his representation and advocacy, as well as the advice he had given me in order to prepare for court, resulted in an outcome that was more positive than I had dared hoped for (a DWAI with license intact and a reduced probation sentence), allowing me to move forward with my life. Mr. Wolf far exceeded my expectations, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.


I Had a Great Outcome in My Case

Jeff Wolf was recommended to me by a colleague I have known since my youth. Accordingly, I met with Jeff. I also met with other attorneys in the Denver area in preparation for my legal issues. I decided to choose Jeff because I had a good feeling about him from the moment I met him and because his ethics and views regarding the vision for his legal practice were aligned with what I hoped for despite having no experience in the legal system previously.

This decision turned out to be one of the the best I have made in my life...literally. I cannot adequately express here how much Jeff's hard work, determination, knowledge, professionalism, experience, and clear understanding of what I am certain he has a passion for (helping others beyond just being an attorney and defending clients in court) has meant for me. I think he has exceptional skills. I had a great outcome in my case due to the defense Jeff provided in court.

More importantly however, Jeff helped me manage the emotional and professional stress I felt. Jeff reassured me when I most needed reassurance, and ultimately, transform a situation I initially felt was a life changing event into a learning experience that I was able to navigate successfully through his precise and comprehensive guidance. I would recommend Jeff to any member of my family and certainly to anyone to whom his services would apply.

-C. Jackson

Highly Recommended

Wolf Law was recommended to me by a friend when I was facing DUI charges. Jeff helped me understand exactly what my charges meant and how he was going to pursue them. He was able to bring down my charges so I could keep my licence! I recommend Wolf Law because they are dedicated and determined to help people.

-Josey Rogers

This Man Saved My Future

I made some really bad decisions, one of which landed me in cuffs. When I didn't know what to do, Jeff came in quickly, walked me through the court proceedings and helped me get the best outcome possible. Now I have a clean slate, a fresh outlook on life, and a massive amount of respect for the work Jeff does in and out of the courtroom. If you need help, don't hesitate to call Wolf Law.


The Best Lawyer I've Ever Come Across

I got my first DUI in April when I fell asleep in my car because I couldn't get inside my house. I knew I needed a lawyer to help me fight the case but I was really hesitant on who I wanted to hire. I came across Jeffrey Wolf and I couldn't be any happier that I chose him to represent me. Jeffrey is not only very professional but he can also relate to you on a personal level. Since it was my first offense I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing. He guided me through the whole process and I was very pleased with the results. He was able to convince the Judge to let me off with 6 months of unsupervised probation and level 1 education classes. Jeffrey is very loyal and a wonderful lawyer, definitely hiring him again if need be.


I Couldn't Have Asked for a Better Lawyer

Until the night of my DUI, I had never been in trouble before so one could only imagine how scared I was. Facing a DUI with a possible felony/assault charge, I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to get through it all. I happened to find Jeffrey Wolf through another lawyer. After meeting with him in person, I knew immediately that he was going to help me. I was a complete wreck from day 1 and yet he made me feel at ease with every meeting, phone call and court appearance.

One of the traits I appreciated most was his honesty. Mr. Wolf told me straight up from the beginning what could happen and what I was facing but reassured me that he would do everything he could to get me through it with the best outcome. Having him there with me through this process and through every court appearance with him by my side made it easier to handle and I am so grateful to have worked with him. At the end of it all, I was able to get probation with a deferred judgment on my case. I would absolutely refer Mr. Wolf to any of my friends and/or family!

-Nichole G.

Awesome Man, Great Attorney

Jeffrey Wolf is a great and understanding attorney. He keeps his word and works hard to get what you want. He guides you in the direction that you should go but also does not tell you which way to go. The option is yours with no pressure. I was under a situation where I was struggling with my finances and Jeffery Wolf found a way to make things work for me. If I had to recommend any attorney it would be Jeffery Wolf. Awesome man...great attorney. Thank you.

-Jennings Cheng

 Would Highly Recommend and Use Again

Jeff Wolf was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Jeff got up to speed quickly, was very organized and responsive in all of our interactions. Not only did he remove a lot of stress from what could have been a stressful process, he also got a much better outcome than I had expected (reduced violation from 6 points to 1). I'm glad I decided to use Jeff and would definitely use him again for a traffic related incident.


Highly Educated Lawyer with a Personal Approach

This is an extremely scary and vulnerable time in your life, no matter what the charge. For myself I appreciated Jeff treating me like a human when other lawyers treated me like a paycheck. Jeff was understanding, and worked with my schedule to accommodate me. I also found Jeff’s level of education, and relationships extremely comforting in my case. I feel as though if I hadn’t brought Jeff on in my case the outcome would have been much worse than what he achieved. I would highly recommend him in any case.


I Will Definitely Hire Mr. Wolf Again

I turned to Wolf Law for help after a small bumper ding in a Starbucks parking lot escalated once the Denver PD was involved. Jeff expertly stepped in to keep the matter from getting any more complex, including speaking with a Denver Police Officer who seemed intent on imposing the most severe charges possible. Jeff continued his zealous representation of my case in Traffic Court where he worked out a reduction in the ticket with the Denver City Attorney and also eloquently explained the situation and the facts at hand to the judge, resulting in a reduction in the fine. Wolf Law exceeded my expectations on this case and managed to keep me calm about the severity of the charges throughout the process. I would highly recommend Wolf Law to anyone and everyone, and if I ever have the need, I will definitely hire Mr. Wolf again.

-Gil S.

Points Reduced on Careless Driving Ticket

I was referred to Jeff by a friend for help with a careless driving ticket. Due to personal issues, I didn't feel like I could present a good argument to the D.A. to get the points reduced on the ticket. Jeff got the results he said he would and the issue was closed. I really liked the fact that when you call you get Jeff, not some paralegal. I would recommend Jeff for any traffic issue you may have.


A Successful Outcome in My Case

Mr. Wolf is a realist, he will tell you what you can expect from your case and will not give you false hopes. He very much helped me for a successful outcome in my case. I am very please with Mr. Wolf and would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.


Would Have Been Lost Without Wolf Law

I was charged with my first DUI and was referred to Jeff by a friend of mine. He gave me a realistic expectation of what would happen and is an expert at navigating the process. Jeff is always incredibly quick to respond and is very knowledgeable. He is professional and represented me well in the courtroom. The experience of being charged with a DUI is a terrible, humiliating and challenging event - having an experienced attorney was priceless!


DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

I approached Mr. Wolf due to a first-time DUI charge. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout every step of the legal process. As a result of his diligence in court, the charges against me were reduced to reckless driving. I would recommend Mr. Wolf’s services to my friends and family.


I Got My License Back

Mr. Wolf was a great guy to work with one of the most professional lawyers who doesn't beat around the bush tells you how it is and fights like hell for you! I was facing a decent amount of jail time and the loss of my license for another year. But thanks to Jeff Wolf I got my license back and only paid a fine less than a $100.00 I will never get in trouble again but if by some of chance that I do you can count Jeff Wolf will be my first call!


Mr. Wolf - Knowledgeable, Professional Defense Lawyer

I retained the services of Jeff Wolf after I received a ticket for a minor accident. Mr. Wolf was very professional and very knowledgeable about the court process and what our options were based on our case. As I went through the process with Mr. Wolf, I found him to be very supportive and accomplished what he set out to do for my case. Mr. Wolf kept us informed of his progress on a regular basis which reduced my anxiety about resolving my case. I highly recommend Mr. Wolf’s services and would not hesitate to engage him in the future. Thanks!!!


Jeff Wolf Cares About You as a Person

Jeff Wolf is extremely timely, reliable, and efficient. He cares about you as more than just another case, he cares about you as a person. Jeff worked with me on my out of state case and went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best possible outcome


Scared After First DUI, Jeff Wolf Cared About Me and My Well Being

When I was arrested for my DUI I was not only scared and nervous, but at a complete loss as far as what to do with my court case and legal issues.  After a lot of research and consultations with a handful of lawyers, I met with Mr. Wolf and was immediately put at ease due to his professionalism, knowledge and sympathy.  I made the decision that day to have Mr. Wolf represent me.  Throughout the entire process Mr. Wolf was very proactive in keeping me up to date with his progress on my case as well as reminding me about when and where I needed to be for any and all appointments.  Mr. Wolf assisted me in getting my license back much sooner than anticipated, and I am more than pleased with the outcome from my sentencing from the court due to his hard work and representation.  Most importantly throughout this entire process he treated me with the utmost respect and I could truly tell that he cared about me not only as a client, but as a person and that he really invested himself in my well being.

-Matt H.

I've Recommended Jeff Wolf to Anyone Needing Legal Defense

I retained the services of Jeff Wolf after I received a DUI. During the free consultation, Jeff reviewed his services and the details of what would happen before, during and after my trial. He was very thorough, supportive and diligent in ensuring all my questions were answered. I am thrilled with the level of service he provided for an extremely reasonable fee. Jeff was accessible and reassuring throughout this entire process. The end-result of my hearing was exactly what I had expected based on Jeff’s counseling. This is a direct result of his knowledge and experience with the court and the system. I was very impressed with his closing presentation in court and his professionalism and felt that the judge reduced my fines and my sentence because of Jeff’s efforts. I have already recommended him to two other people and will continue to recommend him to anyone requiring the services of a defense attorney.


Informative, Kind, Helpful: Can't Thank Him Enough

My experience with Wolf Law was excellent. I am a full time college student and Mr. Wolf was beyond helpful to me, and provided me with all of the information I needed. He is very kind and always available for questions and support. I can’t thank him enough for all of his hard work.


Mr. Wolf Blew My Expectations Out of the Water

After recently facing two relatively serious traffic violations, Mr. Wolf was able to obtain an outcome for my case that far exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation onward, Jeff was extremely professional, punctual, and confident. Jeff clearly defined our objectives and provided me with some serious peace of mind. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr. Wolf's services to any family member or friend in need and couldn't be more pleased with his representation!


2nd DUI, Facing Mandatory Jail Time - Got 10 Days Work Release

I was charged with a 2nd DUI within 5 years of my first. I was feeling hopeless and knew that I would be looking at mandatory jail time of at least 30 days. I would have lost my job, my house and my car had I been given 30 days in jail. Jeff did everything possible to ensure this didn't happen. He kept me informed along the way and handled my case with precision and extreme professionalism. I ended up being given the minimum of 10 days work release and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Jeff is a stand-up guy and an incredible lawyer. I would highly recommend him to all friends and family members.


6 Month Jail Sentence Reduced to 90 Days, In-home Detention, $67 fine

I was arrested in May 2014 for a warrant that I had since 2010 for DUR, I was facing a six month jail sentence that would have caused me to lose my business, home, as well as once again re-offend me . After countless calls and conversations and meetings with numerous attorneys I was referred to Jeffery Wolf. By simply speaking with him over the phone I felt a little at ease, until I met with him and after that I was completely at ease, sh*t I even slept better. He made feel the way an attorney is suppose to make a client feel. He was extremely personable, caring, honest, completely honest, and very detailed as to what his process is and what will take place in court.

On the day of my hearing Jeff arrived a little early had me wait in the hallway while he stepped into the court room and went to bat for me. The result was a 0 point violation allowing me to keep my DL, a six month jail sentence reduced to 90 days in-home detention, and a $67 fine, which was way more than I expected.

I highly recommend Jeff he is an excellent attorney that takes your case as serious as you do. I hope I never have to hire an attorney again but if I do without a doubt Jeffrey Wolf will be my first and only thought.


Quick Response, Great Communicator, Recommend Without Question

When I contacted Jeff for assistance, he responded to my inquiry very quickly, explained to me the dynamics of my situation, and proposed how he could help me.  He was very knowledgeable about the law, explained things clearly, and recommended an effective course of action while also seeking my input.  He was effective in interacting with the police – much more than I would have been on my own!  Through Jeff’s guidance, the situation was managed and resolved effectively. I recommend Jeff without reservation.

-David P.

Jeffrey Wolf Does Right by His Clients

Jeffrey Wolf is an outstanding attorney, when you retain his services his attitude is to provide the best and fairest service to you as his client. He is very thorough about listening to you, working WITH you to determine the best plan of action and then following through with the legal system. All and all he is a “nice guy” trying to do the right thing for his clients and provide a fair and quality service.
I would recommend him to my family and friends.


A Reliable, Responsive and Great Lawyer Got My Case Dismissed

I was referred to Jeff Wolf through another attorney. I called Jeff on a Sunday evening (24 hours after my incident occurred). He answered and set up a meeting with me for the following morning. I cannot tell you how huge of a relief this was. This was and is my first time every having to deal with any sort of offense (criminal, traffic, civil, etc.). Jeff is responsive, intelligent, and informative. He lays out every option and route that your case can take and fully explains and answers any and every question. Jeff is on your side, he supports you, eases concerns where he can, and is constantly available. I called Jeff multiple times throughout the process with crazy questions and concerns and he always did his best to answer my questions and offer reassuring advice. Ultimately, Jeff got my case dismissed. This was a huge relief and a huge win. I cannot speak highly enough of Jeff. I truly lucked out finding him. He is reliable, responsive, and most importantly, a GREAT lawyer.


I Was Lucky to Have Jeff Represent Me

After a referral from a friend, I was lucky enough to have Jeff represent me in a domestic violence case.  I found Jeff to be extremely professional and experienced in his field.  This being my first experience with the court system, he took the time to explain the process and my options in terms I could understand.  I never felt like he was forcing me to take one option over another, he clearly explained each one and, while giving his recommendation, left it up to me as to which decision I felt would be the best for me and my family.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Jeff to anyone in this situation.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


Results Better Than Expected for Careless Driving Charge

I was referred to Jeff Wolf when I had a careless driving ticket, and wasn't sure what to expect given my lack of legal experience. During the initial consultation, Jeff was very thorough and patient in explaining the possible outcomes and expectations. I had a realistic idea of what he could do for me. In the end, I was very happy when I received a greater point reduction than expected, which makes me confident in Jeff if I need to turn to him again for representation.


Jeff is a Powerhouse in the Courtroom

Jeff is truly an expert in his field. He is extremely knowledgeable and bright and it was clear throughout his management of my case that he is highly respected. He was very supportive of my desire to see my case through to trial, he was always empathetic, and he took the time to understand my personal and professional situation. He was determined to get me the best outcome with the least impact to my personal and professional life and he succeeded. We were dealing with a refusal and I have little doubt that I would not have had the same results with another attorney. Jeff is a powerhouse in the courtroom! I am beyond appreciative and would strongly recommend anyone facing challenging legal issues to seek out Jeff’s expertise.

-Jana S.

Hire A Lawyer You Can Relate To and Trust

I happened to find Jeff through a Google search for a DUI lawyer and I would have to say I really lucked out. I had heard horror stories about attorneys that over charged their clients and that they would send others to represent them in court. From the initial phone call he helped me understand the process and prepared me for what was ahead. Having never needed a lawyer he was patient and made sure I understood everything before making any decisions. Jeff always made me feel like I was on the same level as him which I really appreciated. Jeff always prepared me for the worst, but in the end with his hard work and suggestions beforehand he managed to get me a pretty good deal. The best advice I could give is to be informed and START EVERYTHING right away. I would also say to hire a lawyer that you can relate to and that you trust. Don't waste your money on someone that isn't going to give you the personal attention you deserve. I would gladly recommend Jeff Wolf! He is down to earth and I never felt judged. He gave it to me straight and without hiring him I don't know where I'd be. Thanks Jeff!


The Best and Hardest Working Attorney I've Met

Mr. Wolf is by far the best and hardest working attorney I have ever met. I was facing a Permanent Restraining Order and Mr. Wolf was always responsive to my emails and always answered his phone, even very late at night. He was honest, hard-working and was prepared for the trial with all facts and details of the case. He had his notes well prepared and presented excellent arguments and points in court. I was truly impressed with his performance and would not hesitate to hire Mr. Wolf again; should I need further legal help. I would also recommend Mr. Wolf to my closest family member. If you are facing a legal issue; you should not hesitate in hiring Mr. Wolf!


Wolf Keeps It 100% from Day One

Mr. Wolf is a very skilled, well versed, thoughtful criminal defense attorney whom will exhaust all legal remedies in order to achieve his clients the best possible outcome pertaining to their case. He is also a very sincere, compassionate individual that understands the seriousness of his clients cases and the importance of resolving them in a prompt and just manner in order to secure the sanity and well being of his clients.

Mr. Wolf will not bullsh*t you. He will keep it 100% from day one. He strategically plans his defense. Mr. Wolf believes that bees are attracted to honey so it helps to have a pleasant and positive relationship with the prosecution but when necessary, and if need be he will sting the sh*t out of them and make sure the welts are seen.

Mr. Wolf answered his phone every time I called. He promptly responded to emails.
My case was resolved, and then due to the probation department in the state which I live, and am having my case transferred to, some unexpected hurdles have risen. I appreciate Mr. Wolf's flat fee, as he is not billing additional monies for the extra time accrued to help settle this matter after it was already settled.

I recommend Mr. Wolf and if I ever have a need for a criminal defense attorney again in the state of Colorado (or any state where Mr. Wolf practices law) I will not hesitate to retain Jeff Wolf again.

Thank you Jeff for all you have done and continue to do to. I am happy that you are a criminal defense attorney and not the DA. If you were the DA I I'd be scared as sh*t.


Wolf Kept Me from Going To Prison

To whom it may concern: I highly recommending Jeff Wolf, for any and all types of cases, Mr. Jeff Wolf is simply the Greatest. Myself, being a habitual traffic offender, with (5) five DUI's and facing Prison time, with Mr. Wolf and his knowledge of the Law, he gave me a task of completing an SR-22, and other things to get my license, which I did, not only did Mr. Wolf keep me from going to Prison, he also help me to be reinstate my Drivers License back, that I not had since 1998, and most of all Mr. Wolf has made it to whereas, I'm able to be with my beautiful Wife and family, again. I Highly recommend Mr. Wolf for any and all Legal matters.
Respectfully Submitted


I Thought DUI Case Was Hopeless, Wolf Proved Me Wrong

Jeff represented me on a DUI case that I thought was hopeless. I am well pleased with the out come of the proceedings. Jeff is a realist. He did not lead me on or make promises.
I was impressed with his work ethic, knowledge, focus, thoroughness and attention to detail. His honesty, confidence and insight gave me peace when I needed it. With much gratitude and sincerity I highly recommend Wolf Law.


Jeff Wolf Was Well Worth The Investment

When you get charged with a crime it is tough to deal with, mostly because you are embarrassed and disappointed with yourself for what you have done. I was charged with theft and was very worried about what type of impact that would have on my business professional career when applying for jobs. I contacted a few lawyers but knew that Jeff was the right direction to take. He made me feel more at ease knowing that people make mistakes and that this would not effect my whole life. He was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had.

During my time with Jeff he made me feel very comfortable and I knew going into everything what to expect, what to say, and how to present myself. Whether you hire a lawyer or not is your own decision. But to me what Jeff was able to provide was well worth it. I literally told him my story, how I felt and what type of outcome I was looking for on the first day. Besides showing up with him to court he did everything else and took care of everything. We were sentenced to the verdict that we were looking for and now I can move forward and put this case behind me. Thanks for all your help Jeff it was much appreciated.


Jeff Wolf Was The Go-To Lawyer For My DWAI Case

I want to take this time and tell you that I appreciated your services. After I got my DWAI, I was sitting at home filling out information to several different lawyers, on a Sunday evening at 9pm, on a holiday weekend and what happens two minutes later? I get a call from Jeff, I knew right then he was the go to person, he showed that he cared about what I had to say and my concerns. On Tuesday you had scheduled me to come to your office go over my concerns and tell me about what I should look for in my case. Which you were right with what you said in our first initial appointment.

Now depending on cases you have fair prices and willing to work with me on a payment plan and even extended it out with no additional charges for such plan, you can't find many lawyers like that and for that I say thank you. You always took my calls and responded to my emails within hours, which is unheard of and you never got upset if I called several times when I hadn't heard anything about my case.

Well the outcome of my case is great or as good as one like myself thinks for the given reason. My awesome lawyer was good on his word and I walked away with a reckless and 1 day class with my class a cdl in hand still. But remember, not everyone has the same kind of case and outcome. Remember, you might think you can win the case on your own, but it is worth your time to call Jeff and let him represent you. Thank you for everything and I will not hesitate to spread the word about you.

-Nathan H.

My Son Was In Trouble, Jeff Wolf Was His Advocate

When my son got in trouble, I was referred to Jeff Wolf by a friend. He was immediately responsive, calling me back within an hour. We set up a meeting for a couple of days later with no obligation, and when we met he helped us understand the many aspects of my son's case. We retained him and were grateful for his obvious comfort with the legal system and ability to help us navigate it. Throughout, he advocated for my son but also was stern with him, very clearly communicating the severity of his situation. We ended up with a deferred sentence and are so glad we had Mr. Wolf's help. He is very reliable and accessible; it was reassuring to know we had him in our court.


Wolf Fought Hard and I Owe Him for All He Did

I am writing this letter to show how much I appreciate Mr. Jeff Wolf for representing me in my DUI case. When I first visited Mr. Wolf I had all these questions of what is going to happen in the case and to myself. I did have a prior DUI in another state so this was new to me.

I received my DUI in April and finished my court in September. During this time Mr. Wolf had an open door policy if you wanted to visit or maybe answer any questions that I may have had. His personal attention to my case made me feel at ease at all my court appearances.

Mr. Wolf guided me through all the steps that were taking place around my case and all his advice paid off when the day came for my sentencing. Actually, the judge was impressed with all the steps I was doing to remedy my terrible mistake. Mr. Wolf fought hard for me and I owe him for all that he did for my family and myself. I can honestly say that I have found a gentleman that I would recommend to another or help my family with any issues.

-Brian G.

My Heart Was Ripped Out, Wolf Showed Compassion, Respect

In early March, my heart was seemingly ripped out. I was driving into town with my two children, 5 and 2, in extremely inclimate weather conditions when my car hit a patch of ice and I lost control of my vehicle. It was a horrific accident and I was the only survivor in my vehicle. As if this wasn't the worst thing that could have ever happened, I was charged with careless driving resulting in death, two counts. I was referred to Mr. Wolf by four separate law offices, as well as the BAR Association. The District Attorney's office attempted to raise my charges to much more serious felony charges that could have carried very harsh sentences. Mr. Wolf was able to maintain the original charges and speak compassion and mercy to the the judge, leaving me facing only community service and a short probation with minimal associated probation costs. I would recommend his services to anybody and everybody. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he is passionate about his work, while showing the utmost compassion and respect for his clients' situation.


I Will Always Refer Wolf Law

Knowing Jeff Wolf was a great lawyer when I hired him was extremely important. Jeff exceeded my expectations, we walked out of the court room with much less of a sentence than expected. I am grateful and will always refer Wolf Law!

Thank you Jeff, outstanding is the word of choice!


Deferred Sentence Thanks To Jeff Wolf

I sought Jeff Wolf's help with a theft case. He approached my case with a very understanding and professional attitude, making me feel comfortable that I could trust him to help. Throughout the entire experience he was kind, personable, and professional. Any worries or questions I had were promptly addressed, usually within minutes of my inquiry. While I could have received large fines, community service, even jail time for my crime, because of his diligence and hard work, I was given only a deferred sentence. I am very thankful for Mr. Wolf's help and am more than satisfied with the outcome of the case.


Jeff Wolf Helped Me Keep My Job

Jeff was a terrific advocate while representing me through my DWAI. He was professional. I am convinced that it was his prior trial experience and effective communication skills that secured a much more desirable sentence than I had expected. I am positive that Jeff's representation made it so that I could keep my job.


Jeff Won The Case With Ease

What can I say about Jeff Wolf? To start off, Jeff is a great guy to have met, but an even greater attorney to have on your side in court. I came to him with a restraining order and he knew just what to do to clear up the mess I was in. He knew his way around the courtroom and easily won the case. Jeff was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the law and I am thankful to of had him represent me in my case. Furthermore, I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for an attorney for any reason, you wont be disappointed.

-Nathaniel B

Deferred Sentence, Sealed Record For Pot Possession

In July of 2009 I was charged with possession of Marijuana. I contacted Jeff with Wolf Law and worked with him to find my best options. Jeff was very knowledgeable, honest and professional. He worked quickly and effectively to get me a deferred sentence and ultimately seal the record of this infraction. I also had a prior charge that was many years old that was also a deferred sentence. Jeff worked to seal that record in order help maintain my privacy. I now have used this ability to change my field of work and pass a background check with no infractions visible on my record. My life is moving onward and upward due to the help that was provided by Wolf Law. Thank You Jeff!


Jeff Wolf, Consistent and On Point

Jeff Wolf represented me for a sealing case. I was referred to Mr. Wolf through another attorney and was very impressed. He was very informative, trustworthy, and dependable. I felt very at ease with the process and Jeff was very prompt through each step of the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in any case as my expectations through this tough time were exceeded. He is very professional and his communication through the process, even from far away is very consistent and on point. I reached a very positive outcome in my situation and I owe it all to the professionalism and determination from Jeff Wolf.

-Katie R.

I Trust My Future with Jeffery A. Wolf

My experience was very hard like many others facing any criminal charges against them. Jeffery A. Wolf was a very compassionate, caring individual that was there to help me through the entire court process. He is very knowledgeable about criminal law and was very helpful, getting my family and me through the whole criminal process. He fought for me in a time I needed someone the most, ensuring me that he was there for me and out to get the best results as possible from the court system. What an outstanding man to fight for the truth and be there for anyone with criminal charges, explaining the whole process very methodically and being pin point with all the facts. I was very confident in his experiences and knowledge that I would only trust my future with Jeffery A. Wolf. I had a great experience with him, allowing me to have the life I am here to live.

-Adam B.

Jeff was Fighting on My Behalf

Jeff handled my cases with the greatest of sensitivity, professionalism and expertise. He worked hard to get me the best possible result for each case. It is clear that Jeff's experience and reputation were a positive factor in the outcome of my cases. I am glad that Jeff was fighting on my behalf; without him on my cases I would have had much worse outcomes.


Would Recommend Jeff Wolf To Anyone

Jeff Wolf represented me for a traffic violation, which proved to be a positive experience from the start to finish of this case.  The efficiency and thoroughness of handling the details during the consultations, follow-up telephone calls and in the courtroom made me feel very comfortable.  The outcome of my case was more favorable than even expected.  Due to the competence and professionalism of my attorney, I have and will continue to recommend Jeff Wolf to my family members, friends and acquaintances as well as seek his services for myself again, if the need arises.

-Carla S.

Jeff Helped Me Feel Safe Again

I would highly recommend attorney Jeffrey Wolf. He consistently demonstrates knowledge and professionalism, both in and out of the courtroom. His expertise helped me to understand the legal process. As a victim of domestic violence, I looked to Mr. Wolf to assist me in obtaining a restraining order. His compassion combined with skill helped me to feel safe again.  I reached a positive outcome in my case and felt informed, confident, and cared for with Mr. Wolf in my corner.