Denver Theft Defense Attorney

Are you being investigated for or charged with theft?

Denver theft defense attorneyThere are few charges with a more wide ranging set of penalties and consequences than theft.  Theft can be a Municipal, Misdemeanor or Felony charge.  The amount of money or value of the property involved will determine the level of crime you are facing.  As a result, an attorney with a firm understanding of how to analyze the case and evaluate the level of loss you are accused of and its accuracy is paramount to having a good defense.  Theft is the main charge that people find can follow them for years.  Theft charges, no matter how small, can affect your ability to get employment.  They are not to be taken lightly.  You need help from an attorney who can steer you in the right direction, give you an honest, accurate analysis of your case and has the ability to negotiate with the district attorney’s office if necessary.

The lawyers at Wolf Law are the kind of theft attorneys who will understand the difficulties a theft conviction will cause.  They have handled a large number of theft cases and know just how large the impact can be on your life going forward if your case is handled improperly.

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