Firm Overview

Jeffrey Wolf formed Wolf Law to provide excellent and compassionate defense representation for anyone charged with or under investigation for any criminal or traffic offense. Mr. Wolf has experience handling all types of criminal and traffic offenses throughout the Denver Metro Area and the state of Colorado.

Denver criminal defense attorneys Colleen Kelley and Jeffrey Wolf
Denver criminal defense lawyers Colleen Kelley and Jeffrey Wolf of Wolf Law.

By forming Wolf Law, Mr. Wolf wanted to provide the personal attention and customer service often missing at larger firms. Something that people who have a case in the criminal court system say too often is their attorney didn’t communicate well with them or they didn’t understand what was happening, they just did what their attorney told them to do. This will never be the case at Wolf Law.

Mr. Wolf has been fortunate to even more fully realize his desire to offer personal attention and top caliber customer service by hiring Ms. Colleen Kelley to join Wolf Law as an associate attorney. Not only bringing even more experience to the firm, but also allowing for each case to receive even more attention from excellent and compassionate attorneys.

Once you meet the attorneys of Wolf Law, you will immediately be put at ease that there are lawyers out there who treat you as a human being. The lawyers of Wolf Law are not the type of lawyers that will talk down to you, tell you what to do or make you feel as if he doesn’t care about you or your case.

Mr. Wolf was born and raised in a working-class family in the Denver Metro Area. He doesn’t come into a case thinking he knows everything about you or what is best before ever talking to you about your case, and more importantly, your life and goals.

Wolf Law is constantly looking for new ways to improve Wolf Law’s technological advancements. These help keep costs down, which are savings they can pass onto his clients in ways that larger firms cannot. Excellent and compassionate representation is at the center of everything Wolf Law does and customer service is at the forefront of Wolf Law’s mind in every case.

You won’t wait days to hear back from Wolf Law, they will call you back the same day that you call if they are not available at the time of your call. You won’t wait to hear what’s going on with your case, Wolf Law will keep you in the loop throughout your case and make sure you know exactly what is going on at all times.

When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you entrust them with your life, no matter how big or small your case. Jeffery Wolf gets this and takes it very seriously. That is why he opened Wolf Law, and if you contact Wolf Law, you will see that these are not empty words.