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Love Triangle Double Murder: Kevin Eastman Murder Trial

A Greeley Man is being accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and her lover, well known area musician, Stanley Scott Sessions in February 2020. Kevin Eastman faces two counts of first-degree murder, as both bodies were found in similar, yet different, fashions. Sessions had his throat cut and was wrapped in plastic near smoldering logs, which was found by a local snowplow driver. Sessions had been significantly burnt from the waist down. Heather Frank, the ex-girlfriend of Eastman, was found a week later with two fatal gunshot wounds to the chest but was also found by a pile of wood, leading police to believe that the two were killed by the same person.

Denver Criminal Defense attorney Jeffrey Wolf weighs in, “It’s a tale as old as time, in this case where love gone bad creates a major issue… “  Wolf goes on to explain that this specific court jurisdiction has been involved in quite a few similar cases within recent years, including the Watts murder trial of 2018.

Jeffrey Wolf goes on to explain the possible defense position in day two of the trial “…. The more times you hear someone ask about all the different places the pieces of evidence were found, the more likely it is, on the defense side, that they know that evidence is not going to tie their client to the scene…” Stay tuned as this trial unfolds and check back for more commentary from Jeff Wolf.