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Morning Break in FL v Danielle Redlick

Danielle Redlick is on trial for the fatal stabbing of her stepfather turned, husband, Michael Redlick. UCF Executive, Michael Redlick was found dead in his Florida home in January 2019. Initially, Danielle Redlick told 911 operators that her husband stabbed himself. Now, on day 5 of the trial, she claims she stabbed her husband in self-defense.

Jeffrey Wolf, Criminal Defense Attorney, joins the Law & Crime Trial Network to discuss the trial. With the number of inconsistencies in Danielle’s story about how her husband died, many are wondering if anything she says during her cross-examination could be true. Danielle is claiming she was in a confused, disoriented state of mind from being in an abusive relationship. Jeffrey Wolf points out, “For whatever reason, I am not hearing a lot of people talk about this guy being her stepfather, on a regular basis, I don’t know why that’s not more of a focus for the defense. I think it would bolster their claims that this is an abusive relationship and that she was defending herself. “

Another big point being brought by the defense is the medical examiner’s report of Michael Redlick wounds, which did not align with Danielle’s changing stories. At first, she told police she thought her husband died of a heart attack, but the medical examiner confirmed that he did not kill himself, nor did he have a heart attack- his cause of death was a fatal stab to the left shoulder, which hit a major artery and punctured his lung. The defense wants to bring up the evidence of large amounts of testosterone, alcohol and potentially other substances that could aid in the argument that Danielle was in an abusive relationship and acted in self-defense when she stabbed her husband.  “I think it can help them [the defense], testosterone, not only for aggressive behavior but it could also go into why he had a heart attack, because testosterone effects the cardiovascular system.” Criminal Defense attorney, Jeffrey Wolf commentates.