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Parkland School Shooting Case: Sentencing of Nikolas Cruz

In 2018, 14 students and three teachers died in a school shooting attack at Parkland School. Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty to murdering 17 people and is now being faced with sentencing for his crimes.

A jury will determine either a life in prison or death penalty sentence for Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Criminal Defense attorney, Jeffrey Wolf weighs in on whether he believes testimony from Nikolas’s loved ones will have influence over the jury’s sentencing. “Often when we see jurors not be able to come back with a death penalty in these types of cases, it’s because they hear from people in their childhood about what made them the way they are now. Because criminals are not born, evil is not born, it is bred, it is made… “

During a cross examination led by the Prosecutor, of Cruz’s elementary school teacher, it was noted that Cruz displayed certain concerning antics that were indicative of “criminal behavior.” Criminal Defense attorney, Jeffrey Wolf points out while the Prosecutor makes clear that early antics showcased by Nikolas would be crimes as an adult, that Nikolas “wasn’t an adult when he did them. He was a kid. And we don’t prosecute below a certain age in this country for a reason, because minds are developing… A kid doesn’t understand right from wrong in the same way an adult does.”