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Denver Criminal Defense Blog

June 11, 2013

Colorado Marijuana Law 101

Colorado voters recently approved an unprecedented ballot initiative to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. The tricky part of implementing these state laws, however, is that many of them conflict with...

May 20, 2013

Introducing the Phone Breathalyzer

It should come as no surprise that masterminds have figured out a way to turn your smartphone into a handheld breathalyzer. What could be more convenient and easier to use...

May 6, 2013

So You Broke Probation

So you broke probation... Despite its forgiving name, probation is not a condition to take lightly. If you’re being monitored and you break that extension of privileges, you may do...

April 9, 2013

DUI versus DWAI in Colorado

If you’ve been involved in an incident related to your blood-alcohol level, you might need some clarification on what constitutes DUI versus a DWAI in Colorado. (more…)

March 25, 2013

How to Help Your Attorney Prepare Your Defense

If you are fighting a criminal case, you are going through a roller coaster of emotions. You are nervous, angry, and may even be frightened about what the future might...

March 14, 2013

What Are Your Rights In Your Own Car

As American citizens, we rely on the police to protect and serve. However, it's important for citizens to learn to protect themselves by knowing and understanding their rights where the...