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Denver Criminal Defense Blog

November 13, 2015

Why Hire A Defense Attorney

You don’t always need a lawyer to handle legal matters. Things like parking tickets or photo radar/red light tickets can often be handled on your own. But what do you...

October 16, 2015

The Facts About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence rates in the United States are staggering. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) states that more than 10 million women and men will be abused by an...

September 17, 2015

Employment Laws for Convicted Felons

Reintegrating into society after a felony conviction isn’t any easy task. There are many people, friends and strangers alike, who will assume that you will always be the person you...

July 14, 2015

How Social Media Can Hurt a Criminal Defense

Just about everyone uses social media today, Facebook and Twitter in particular. That’s true for criminal defendants too, and police know it. That makes social media a major tool in...

May 29, 2015

The Drug Schedule Classification Pyramid

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) organizes drugs, substances, and chemicals used to make drugs into five separate categories, or “schedules.” These five schedules are defined by the drug’s...

April 20, 2015

New Breathalyzer Test For Stoned Driving Coming To Denver

The law has never had a reputation for being “tech savvy.” Ours is a rapidly changing world. Technology and culture are often a few paces ahead of the law, which...

April 17, 2015

4/20 Safety Tips!

Legalization of marijuana is opening the opportunity for more and more private companies to offer pot friendly events and establishments. One of the most conspicuous marijuana celebrations occurs on 4/20 every...

March 16, 2015

Beat the Breathalyzer

Over the years of roadside sobriety testing, there have been many who have tried to "beat" the system with one trick or another. However, while the breathalyzer may not be the...

February 6, 2015

Why You Should Want To Do Jury Duty

As a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado, friends, family and acquaintances frequently ask me one simple question: How do I get out of jury duty? I am never surprised by...

September 3, 2014

The Craft Beer Drinker’s Guide

September is filled with occasions to celebrate by downing a couple of cold ones - Labor Day, Oktoberfest, and the start of football season to name a few. And if...

August 6, 2014

Assault or Self-Defense?

In a physical confrontation, there’s a fine line between assault and self-defense, but the distinction is critically important since the punishment for even a misdemeanor assault charge (3rd-degree assault) can...

July 1, 2014

How To Answer 6 Common Questions Police Ask at DUI Stops

Neither Wolf Law, LLC, nor Jeffrey Wolf support or encourage drinking and driving. Please be responsible and use a designated driver, Uber, Lyft or call a cab. One night, you're...

May 19, 2014

Crime Rates in Arapahoe, Douglas & Jefferson County

There are some interesting differences in the Colorado crime rates in three major counties surrounding Denver: Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson. (more…)

August 14, 2013

Understanding Assault

As a Denver criminal defense lawyer, I know that assault charges come in many different packages. Sometimes people don't understand the difference between assault or self-defense. Sometimes what seems to...

July 11, 2013

The Domestic Violence Difference

Deciphering domestic violence charges and casework can be tricky. In Colorado, the definition of domestic violence—sometimes called battering or partner abuse—is “a pattern of behavior in which one person attempts...

June 24, 2013

Common Internet Crime Questions

 As people of all ages use technology at an increasing rate, the rate of Internet and computer crime is also on the rise. Many of us use at least some...