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Introducing the Phone Breathalyzer

It should come as no surprise that masterminds have figured out a way to turn your smartphone into a handheld breathalyzer. What could be more convenient and easier to use than a device that plugs directly into your phone and tells you instantly whether you’re clear to steer?

The Breathometer works like this:

                1. Download the Breathometer app, available on Android or iOS platforms.

2. Plug the sleek, compact “dongle” into the headphone jack of your mobile phone.

3. Blow into the device and the app automatically reports your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). A BAC of as low as .05 can put you at risk for a driving while ability impaired (DWAI) violation and a BAC over .08 is in the driving under the influence (DUI) zone.  

Makers of the innovative device even added a convenient keychain ring to the Breathometer and hope to build extra functionality, including a smart tap-for-taxi button. The Breathometer has a planned price point of $20, however the project is still in fundraising mode.

Currently you can purchase the mobile breathalyzer from Indiegogo by “pledging” a specific amount, from $20 to $100. The more your pay to support the effort, the faster your Breathometer ships. The payment procedure may be a little unconventional, but the cause is most certainly universal.

While the Breathometer will never be as effective as breathalyzer that doesn’t allow the car to start if you’re over the limit, this portable device may be a helpful resource for the masses. We’ve all have been in that situation where we’re just not sure about how much we’ve had—and a quick puff on the Breathometer could be the tool that prevents a poor choice or even saves a life. It’s an instance answer to the age-old question among friends: Am I OK to drive?  While Wolf Law is excited by technological advancements like these, always remember they can’t be relied on to give a completely accurate result and you shouldn’t rely on them to tell you that you’re sober enough to drive.