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The Problem With Big Law Firms

When you’re facing a criminal charge in Denver, the last place you want to be is lost in the shuffle at a large law firm. It’s easy to think more names on a marquee translates to more resources or better representation. But don’t let vanity fool you! What’s often missing at a large firm is the personal touch that can make all the difference in the outcome of a case.

Sometimes, smaller really is better. Below, we explore the benefits of hiring a small firm to represent your interests should you ever be charged with a crime in the Denver-metro area.

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1. There’s no room for red tape at a small law firm.

Red tape refers to excessive bureaucracy, rules, or procedures. At big law firms, this can mean multi-step processes for just about everything…even just to get your lawyer on the phone!

With a small law firm representing your interests, you can rest assured administrative tasks are minimized and a bona fide attorney is the primary individual handling your case—this includes less glamorous tasks like processing files and research.

The more intimately a lawyer knows your case, the more opportunities they’ll have to unearth the right defense, increasing your odds of a positive outcome. If you can’t pick up the phone and talk to your attorney, or at least leave him or her a voicemail, how fast or effective can that attorney really be at resolving your case?

2. Small law firms typically specialize.

Large law firms can manage dozens if not hundreds of cases at the same time because it pays to be a Jack-of-all-trades. While it’s certainly possible for an attorney to be both a specialist and a generalist, when it comes to your defense, why choose the latter?

At Wolf Law, for example, partners Jeffrey Wolf and Colleen Kelley have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of the accused. In fact, Mr. Wolf and Ms. Kelly both worked at the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office—a job few attorneys want to take due to excessive workloads. They saw first-hand the life-changing consequences criminal charges can have on individuals and their families, and the importance of a competent legal defense.

Today, their private practice gives people the opportunity to benefit from their collective experience and longstanding commitment to defending individual rights.

More importantly, Mr. Wolf and Ms. Kelley have real-world trial experience, an invaluable tool should your case go to trial.

There are times when a generalist is the right person for a job, but in our experience, your criminal defense shouldn’t be one of them.

3. Getting to know you helps build a better case.

While it’s critical that your criminal defense lawyer comprehends the brass tacks of your case, it’s also beneficial for him or her to get to know you and your circumstances. This helps them better appreciate the motivations, needs, and desires that led up to the event and subsequent charges.

How can a lawyer give you a proper defense, if they don’t know anything about you, other than what’s in a police report?

Wolf Law is first and foremost a law firm that specializes in criminal defense, but we’re also in the business of getting to know our clients, and this takes time. Time, unfortunately, isn’t something you’ll easily get at a big law firm.

4. Client satisfaction is crucial to a small firm’s survival.

Word-of-mouth advertising is great for small law firms because, well, it’s free!

Satisfied clients are the best brand ambassadors a firm could hope to get. These clients are eager to share their experience, when and if a friend or family member needs a defense attorney.

Conversely, if a client has a bad experience, they’re often inclined to share that experience with anyone who will listen.

With so many online review platforms available, one bad review can haunt a small firm for months or even years. We’re not saying this is a bad thing—people have a right to share their thoughts or opinions—but small firms have a lot more to lose if a client isn’t satisfied, while big firms with big marketing budgets can often ignore these issues.

Aggressive Representation—Knowledge You Can Trust

At Wolf Law, we provide accurate and detailed resources to our Denver-area community as well as aggressive legal representation to individuals facing a wide range of criminal charges.

We’re not a big law firm, and we think that’s a huge benefit to our clients. If you’re looking for quality representation that includes compassionate access to your attorney, you need Wolf Law. Call our Denver office for a free initial consultation at 720-4798574 or get in touch with us online.

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