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Jeff Wolf Talks Crime Stories with Nancy Grace – Mormon Mom Charged with poisoning hubby “Dead By Cocktail”

Get the whole story and more from Jeff Wolf and Nancy Grace—use the media player above to listen to the snippet.

The podcast interview featuring Jeffrey Wolf, Colorado personal injury lawyer, and Nancy Grace, an esteemed legal commentator, shed light on the complexities surrounding a high-profile trial involving a Mormon mother accused of murder. The thought-provoking podcast explored various aspects of the case, including motive, evidence, and the challenges faced during the legal proceedings. Notably, the discussion delved into the crucial issue of hearsay evidence and its potential impact on the trial’s outcome. 

Jeffrey and Grace’s thoughtful analysis and nuanced perspectives underscore the importance of comprehending the legal nuances involved in high-profile cases. For a more immersive experience, we recommend listening to the full podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of the thought-provoking insights and discussions surrounding this captivating trial.