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Jeff Wolf Reviews Defense Strategy in North Dakota Quadruple Murder on Court TV

Chad Isaak of Washburn, North Dakota, is on trial for the deaths of RJR Maintenance & Management co-owner Robert Fakler, and co-workers Adam Fuehrer and Bill and Lois Cobb.

According to defense attorney Bruce Quick, it was one of the most heinous crimes in North Dakota history. But Quick’s arguing that the case amounts to a rush to judgment based on bad information. His client, Chad Isaak, has plead not guilty to four counts of murder and three other counts.

Last week, Fakler’s widow took the stand to discuss details about the property management company and her close relationships with the deceased. As a key witness for the prosecution, she appeared extremely credible.

Quick has accused law enforcement of contaminating the crime scene and failing to investigate other potential suspects, including several people who have either been evicted or sued by RJR.

During cross examination of Mrs. Fakler, Quick will take aim at painting a different picture of the circumstances, including an affair Robert Fakler was having and numerous contentious relationships he and his wife had with disgruntled tenants.

In a recent appearance on Court TV, Denver defense lawyer and Court TV correspondent Jeffrey Wolf discussed how defense counsel may seek to push Mrs. Fakler over the edge.

“They appear to be pivoting to the business and the different people they came into contact with…after all, they manage a trailer park with hundreds of residents,” explained Wolf.

“The other thing you should never discount is a defense attorney’s ability to flip someone in a  moment,” Wolf continued. “They are going to question her and hope that at some point she gets angry—it washes away the façade of a very sympathetic witness…don’t count him [Quick] out just yet.”

Watch the full video for extended commentary from Jeff Wolf or for more details about the case.