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Chad Isaak Guilty on All Charges: Jeff Wolf Shares Extended Insight on Court TV

Last week, the trial of Chad Isaak came to a close after less than five hours of jury deliberations. Isaak has been found guilty on all charges for the gruesome killings of four people at a North Dakota property management firm two years ago.

The case has been described as one the most heinous crimes in that state’s history. More than 900 pieces of evidence were introduced during the three week trial. But despite compelling evidence, prosecutors were still unable to answer one of the most meaningful questions in this case: why?

Even without a clear motivation to commit these crimes, Chad Isaak, a chiropractor and Navy veteran, now faces life in prison without parole.

“Either the state has successfully stopped a serial killer or they’ve got the wrong guy,” explained Denver defense lawyer, Jeff Wolf, during a recent Court TV interview. “There’s no in-between in this case.”

Isaak now awaits sentencing, which will include an opportunity for victims and their families to speak in court.

“It’s incredibly important for victims of crimes,” Wolf continued. “It’s a moment of closure…now I get to look at the person convicted of murdering my loved one and say what I have to say. It’s an invaluable part of the process.”

Watch the extended video to learn more about the final moments of this case, plus, more commentary by Denver defense lawyer Jeff Wolf.