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Waukesha Parade Tragedy Trial

Wisconsin man, Darrell Brooks Jr. charged with killing 6 parade goers after he drove his SUV into a crowd of people during a holiday parade.

After a Reddit Post was brought to the attention to the judge, Brooks Jr. requested a mistrial since this post could have been made by a sitting jury member. This request was denied. Criminal Defense Attorney, Jeffrey Wolf doesn’t believe this request was thoroughly vetted before being denied. “In my opinion, they should have at least paused the trial to actually complete an investigation into this, or they should have granted the mistrial, which was one of the very few times I agreed with Darrell Brooks in this trial. It is insane they just pushed through this verdict.”

The Defendant, Brooks Jr., acted as his own defense attorney during this trial, which impacted the way in which the prosecution handled this case. Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, Jeffrey Wolf discussing how this impacted the prosecution’s strategy on Law & Crime “You always hear about how they had to soften their attacks, not look like the bully in the courtroom… but they do have to re-strategize.”

After only a few short hours of deliberation the jury came back with a verdict of guilty on all 76 counts. “Frankly, I was a little surprised that it took them that long given what they watched out of this trial. It was very clear that he would do anything except talk about what he did that day…He was disrespectful to the juror’s time, he was disrespectful for the judge, he was combative to the prosecutors… He made a circus out of this trial.” Jeffrey Wolf goes on to state “He comported himself in a way that does not please a jury and this judge had infinite patience with him and always looked like the good guy…”