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Sentencing Deliberations for Killer of Orlando Officer

Last week, Markeith Lloyd was found guilty of the fatal shooting of Orlando police officer Lt. Debra Clayton. This is the second time Loyd faces the death penalty. In 2019, Loyd was convicted of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and their unborn child, but jurors recommended life in prison without parole.

In a recent interview on Law & Crime Network, Denver defense lawyer Jeffrey Wolf discussed sentencing considerations for a case that’s similar to the one Lloyd faced in 2019. Will this new jury impose the death penalty?

“The prosecution is hoping that they had a bad jury on that first case,” said Wolf. “That’s what this entire case is about. It’s not about guilt or innocence. I don’t think there’s any question that this incident occurred…what [the defense] is trying to do is get enough information in front of this jury to arouse sympathies through this insanity defense—to hope that when it comes time to talk sentencing, that they’re not talking death penalty…they’re talking life in prison.”

Watch the video above for more commentary from Jeffrey Wolf and details about this case.