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Woman Claims Husband Forced Her to Decapitate Lover

A New Hampshire couple has been charged in the death of Jonathan Amerault. Armando Barron allegedly killed Amerault after he discovered he was having an affair with his wife Britany Barron.

Armando Barron has been charged with capital murder while engaged in the commission of a kidnapping, and his wife, Britany Barron, has been charged with falsifying physical evidence.

Amerault’s body was driven 200 miles from the crime scene, decapitated, and left wrapped in a tarp in the North Woods.

At Britany Barron’s arraignment, her defense lawyer argued that anything she did was out of fear of her husband. Detectives who detained and interviewed Britany Barron saw bruising around her eyes and marks on her neck. Armando Barron is accused of beating his wife and then using her cell phone to lure Amerault to a park.

In a recent interview, Denver defense attorney and Court TV correspondent Jeffrey Wolf was asked the obvious and difficult question: Is Britany Barron a criminal or a victim?

“I see her as a victim…She was acting in duress,” explained Wolf. “This is not somebody who had a choice about what was going to happen. She likely would have been a second body next to her boyfriend’s if she hadn’t at least played along…”

Watch the full video for more commentary from Jeffrey Wolf; plus, more details about the case.