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Kueng Defense Alleges Prosecutorial Misconduct

Attorneys for three Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death are asking a judge to dismiss the cases against their clients because of alleged misconduct by prosecutors.

Alexander Kueng’s attorney recently filed a motion accusing the state’s Attorney General of mishandling evidence and further alleges that prosecutors leaked news of a proposed plea deal by co-defendant Derek Chauvin to the media. 

In a recent interview, Denver defense lawyer and Court TV correspondent Jeffrey Wolf discusses this ambitious defense strategy. 

“The reason they’re shooting for the moon is so they can try to grab stars on their way down,” explained Wolf. “But to personally ask that these prosecutors be referred to the Minnesota bar? I can’t think of a time when this has happened. This is the Hail Mary of Hail Marys and in one of the most high-profile cases this country has ever seen…they’re not going to get this dismissal.”

Watch the full video for extended commentary from Jeffrey Wolf; plus, details about the case.