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Day Nine of Jury Selection Underway for Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case

Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed while running through a Georgia neighborhood in February 2020. Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested along with a neighbor, William Bryan, who filmed the confrontation.

As jury selection continues this week, potential jurors are allowed to watch the news, observe protests and demonstrations that continue outside the Glynn County courtroom. When given the opportunity to change the location of the trial, defense attorneys decided against it.

In a recent interview on Court TV, Denver defense lawyer Jeffrey Wolf discussed the possible motivation behind the defense’s decision.

“They’ve been very confident about what they’re going to get out of Glynn County jurors…” explained Wolf. “It’s a small southern county trying a white man for a black man’s murder. They think they’re going to get better jurors out of Glynn County than they would out of, say…Cobb County near Atlanta…a more urban center, a more liberal center. What they’re doing is taking their only shot, which is to bet that in 2021 a white man gets a walk in a southern rural county.”

Watch the video above for more commentary from Jeffrey Wolf and for details about the jury selection process.