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William Husel Facing 14 Counts of Murder in Ohio

William Husel is facing 14 counts of murder and other charges, allegedly giving lethal doses of fentanyl to patients under his care at two Mount Carmel Hospitals between February 2015 and November 2018. In the ninth day of court proceedings, there were arguments over whether testimony from two witnesses relied on privileged information, which ultimately led to the jury being sent home early.

Judge Michael Holbrook continues to make seemingly questionable rulings on the side of the prosecution putting the defense in a tough spot.

Criminal Defense attorney, Jeffrey Wolf, weighs in on current court proceedings around the tough spot the defense team is in, trying to confront the judges’ bad rulings “… It’s called making a record, the attorney has the right to make a record, so that the appellate court can decide if that mistake was made. That’s the gatekeeper of whether or not a judge has made a right or wrong decision, is the appellate court. The appellate court will routinely say that they cannot decide whether the judge was right or wrong if they don’t know the legal basis for the objection…”

Jeffrey Wolf will continue to commentate of this trial, which is expected to last around seven or eight weeks before a final verdict is reached.

Watch the entire video to learn more about this case or for more commentary from defense attorney Jeff Wolf.