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Man Accused of Murdering Wife For Insurance Money In New Hampshire

Last week, William Argie testified that he found his wife dead by suicide at their home in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, in April 2019. The nature of the alleged suicide is a focal point in the trial—Argie claims his wife used a bedsheet or pillow to suffocate herself.

Even stranger, Argie did not contact police or any family members upon finding Maureen Argie, and instead took her car and cell phone and went to a casino.

Prosecutors opened the trial by painting an unflattering picture of Argie: a man unable to keep a job, behind on bills, and struggling with a gambling addiction. Friends of the defendant testified that Argie had suggested he would be better off without his wife and allegedly asked a friend to kill her for half of a life insurance policy on Maureen worth $400,000.

In a recent interview on Law & Crime Network, Denver defense Lawyer Jeffrey Wolf discussed the difficulties facing the defense.

“This is a very, very tough defense to be running here,” explained Wolf. “Shout out to the public defenders that are representing this guy…but to say that someone would hang themselves with a bedsheet or suffocate themselves with their own pillow, which is almost a physically impossible thing to do…that’s a pretty weird way to kill yourself, especially when you’re a mother planning to leave this marriage with the kids…”

Watch the entire video to learn more about this unusual case or for more commentary from defense attorney Jeff Wolf.