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Durst’s Testimony Continues: Jeff Wolf Reviews Strong-Arm Tactics on Law & Crime Network

Robert Durst has now spent more than 24 hours on the stand testifying in his defense. In a recent interview on Law & Crime Network, Denver defense lawyer Jeffrey Wolf weighed in on Deputy District Attorney John Lewin’s aggressive demeanor toward Durst throughout cross-examination.

“John Lewin has taken this case so personally that he is unable to have a back and forth with Robert Durst without getting frustrated,” explained Wolf. “Lewin is playing word games with him…asking him the same question in different ways. He [Durst] is being careful and careful is good.”

On Wednesday, the judge in Durst’s murder trial requested that prosecutors wrap up there questioning of the 78-year-old man accused of killing of his longtime friend, Susan Berman, who was found shot to death in 2000.

“I think he [Lewin] is going too far,” Wolf continued. “I think this case is too personal for him and I think he’s too angry. He’s catching him [Durst] in inconsistencies, he’s sometimes catching him in lies, but then he insists on drilling down further…and if you’re John Lewin, you can’t help but be frustrated when he doesn’t give you the connective answer that you want…then you’re going to start yelling…and that’s what he’s doing.”

Watch the full video for extended commentary from Jeff Wolf or for more details about the Robert Durst murder trial.