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Judge to Hear Arguments Over Alex Murdaugh’s Assets

Gloria Satterfield died in 2018 after an alleged trip-and-fall accident in Alex Murdaugh’s home. Alex Murdaugh is a prominent South Carolina lawyer with longstanding family ties to the community.

Attorneys for the estate of Satterfield filed a lawsuit against Murdaugh alleging her heirs had not received life insurance settlement money they were owed after her death. 

Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, the lawyers representing Satterfield’s family, claim Murdaugh schemed to steal the insurance money by persuading Satterfield’s sons to sue him for her wrongful death. Murdaugh allegedly promised Satterfield’s sons they would be well paid and recruited a close friend, Cory Fleming, to represent the son’s interest.

Three years later, Satterfield’s sons hadn’t seen any of $4.3 million in total settlement payouts.

In a recent interview on Court TV, Denver defense attorney Jeffrey Wolf discussed the bizarre and complex nature of the case—one that involves a well-known legal figure.

“It’s a drama playing out in real time. It’s the rich and the powerful; it’s a soap opera,” said Wolf. “This is a stain on attorneys—this is why attorneys have the reputation that we have…these are the stories people think of. They think of the attorney always trying to get one over on the court…and this guy is the worst example of it.”

Watch the video for more commentary from Jeff Wolf and to hear from one of the attorneys representing the estate of Gloria Satterfield.