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Gannon Stepmom Faces Murder Charges

On January 27, 2020, Letecia Stauch reported her stepson, 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, missing from his home in Colorado Springs, CO. Approximately two months later, the boy’s remains were found in Florida.

Evidence found within the residence and inside Gannon’s bedroom include blood spatter and blood stains that penetrated the concrete below the bed. Gannon’s stepmom was arrested for his murder in South Carolina on March 2. Police believe Stauch called the police to report Gannon’s absence the same day she committed the crime.

Letecia Stauch has caused several delays in court proceedings. Stauch claims her constitutional rights were violated by investigators; she also maintains that she is not component to stand trial. Earlier this month, Stauch was ruled competent to stand trial for a second time and proceedings are expected to continue in March.

In a recent interview, Denver defense attorney and Court TV correspondent Jeffrey Wolf speaks on strategy, when asked how a defense attorney might handle a client with several conflicting stories:

“You can’t ride two horses, right?” explained Wolf. “The DAs office is going to play up the inconsistent statements…but when you get in there, you’ve got to have a theme to your case, a story to tell, and you’ve got to stick with that one story…”

Watch the full video for more commentary from Jeffrey Wolf and for details about the case.