The Domestic Violence Difference

Deciphering domestic violence charges and casework can be tricky. In Colorado, the definition of domestic violence—sometimes called battering or partner abuse—is “a pattern of behavior in which one person attempts to control another through threats or actual use of physical, verbal, or psychological violence or sexual assault on their current or past intimate partner.”

Sometimes these actions are overt; other times the control is subtle and ongoing. For abuse to fall into the category of domestic violence, the person acting violent toward another or threatening violence must be in an intimate relationship with the victim. This can include a current or former spouse, past or present unmarried couple, or persons who are both the parents of the same child, regardless of whether the persons have been married or have lived together at any time.

Domestic violence cases are also different in the legal ramifications involving these specific charges. Here are some of the most profound differences that anyone facing a defending domestic violence charge should know:

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Internet Crime Questions

5 Internet Crime Questions

 As people of all ages use technology at an increasing rate, the rate of Internet and computer crime is also on the rise. Many of us use at least some form of technology for our livelihood or daily past times, and the lines between what is ethical and legal when it comes to accessing digital information or communicating online are increasingly confusing. It’s best to understand your rights—before it’s too late.

As a Colorado criminal defense lawyer, I get asked plenty of questions about Internet crime. Here are a few I thought you might find helpful:

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Sometimes Smaller is Better

When you’re facing a criminal charge, the last place you need to be is lost in the shuffle at a large law firm. Sometimes folks are misled that more names on the sign mean more resources, but what’s often missing is the personal touch that really matters in a criminal case.

If you can’t pick up the phone and talk to your attorney, or at least leave him or her a personal voicemail or email, the process of getting you through your legal challenge and on with your life is just getting prolonged.

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What Are Your Rights In Your Own Car

What are Your Rights In Your Own Car?

As American citizens, we rely on the police to protect and serve. However, it’s important for citizens to learn to protect themselves by knowing and understanding their rights where the police are concerned. Many Americans are unaware of their rights, especially when it comes to police interaction. The following describes our civil rights as they pertain to being pulled over by the police. Continue reading “What Are Your Rights In Your Own Car”