Sierra Calandri, Legal Secretary

Denver criminal law legal secretary Sierra Calandri of Wolf Law LLC

Location:  Denver, Colorado
Phone:  (720) 479-8574
Fax:  (720) 458-1344

Sierra Calandri is the legal secretary at Wolf Law. She has dedicated her career to providing effective and efficient administrative work. Due to the sensitivity of criminal defense cases, she holds herself personally responsible for creating a supportive and friendly environment within the firm while helping each person navigate through often lengthy clerical procedures. Often acting as a liaison between clients and the attorneys, she is devoted to keeping open and frequent communication to make certain that all emotional and immediate needs are met. Holding a Sociology degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she began working in the legal sector driven by her desire to better understand the justice system and to ensure that its integrity remains intact. She is dedicated to working simultaneously with the attorneys to protect the rights of all those facing criminal charges.

Ms. Calandri grew up in the Bay Area until moving to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. Once completing her schooling and falling in love with the mile high state she decided to permanently reside in Denver.


University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 2015