Dealing With False Child Abuse Accusations

Misunderstandings are a part of life. They can cause problems with your boss, be the catalyst for an argument with your spouse, and even have an affect on lifelong friendships. Most of these cases can easily be resolved through communication and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, some misunderstandings can get out of hand very quickly and, before you realize it, can have a severe or permanent impact on your life. Continue reading “Dealing With False Child Abuse Accusations”

The Dangers of Hiring a Cheap Defense Lawyer

As criminal defense attorneys, we’re here to help you, not judge you. The mark of a good defense lawyer is one who sees your case through a clear, unbiased lens. They don’t hesitate to lend an ear or to demonstrate both their compassion and their dedication to their clients. A good criminal defense lawyer walks you through the process, step by step, and stays by your side, physically and emotionally.

At Wolf Law LLC, we know what makes a good defense attorney and we strive to conduct our business this way. But our years of experience have also exposed us to what a bad defense attorney looks like. These men and women, though trained in the art of law, do not go above and beyond for their clients. They may be more affordable, they may even achieve successful settlements, but to them you’re just another client, no different than all the rest. But those aren’t the only downsides to hiring a cheap defense attorney and, with your future at stake, why take a chance by hiring what could be a sub-par lawyer? Continue reading “The Dangers of Hiring a Cheap Defense Lawyer”

How Social Media Can Hurt a Criminal Defense

Just about everyone uses social media today, Facebook and Twitter in particular. That’s true for criminal defendants too, and police know it. That makes social media a major tool in the prosecutorial toolbox, and anyone suspected or charged with a crime needs to take immediate precaution where social media is concerned. Continue reading “How Social Media Can Hurt a Criminal Defense”