The Facts About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence rates in the United States are staggering. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) states that more than 10 million women and men will be abused by an intimate partner each year. That’s almost 20 people per minute. By the end of their lives, 1 in 3 women, and a shocking 1 in 4 men, will have experienced some form of physical violence inflicted by a close partner. Continue reading “The Facts About Domestic Violence”

4/20 Safety Tips!

Legalization of marijuana is opening the opportunity for more and more private companies to offer pot friendly events and establishments. One of the most conspicuous marijuana celebrations occurs on 4/20 every year.

Now that pot is legal there are many more activities citizens can participate in during the “Stoner Holiday” weekend. However, that is not to say there are still not rules and regulations that need to be followed. Below are a few tips to help keep you safe and happy during this weekend! Remember, play it smart and know your rights with these 4/20 safety tips!

Tip #1:


Know when you can smoke pot

Just because it is 4/20, doesn’t mean every place will be 4/20 friendly! If you aren’t sure, ask.


Tip #2:


Do not consume too much marijuana

Have fun, but don’t ruin your day by having “too much” fun.


Tip #3:


Marijuana laws state it is illegal for minors to smoke

Pot is legal in Colorado, but not for anyone under 21. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!


Tip #4:


Marijuana law states you cannot smoke in public

Listen, just because smoking in public is part of the 4/20 tradition, doesn’t mean it is legal. If you don’t want to risk a ticket, keep the smoking to private events and out of the public eye.

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Beat the Breathalyzer

Over the years of roadside sobriety testing, there have been many who have tried to “beat” the system with one trick or another. However, while the breathalyzer may not be the perfect test, there has yet to be a proven way to pass a breathalyzer. Below are some of the most common myths about how to beat a breathalyzer– some don’t work at all, while some may actually make you test higher on your roadside test. The only way to “beat” the breathalyzer is to drink responsibility. If you get yourself in a pickle, don’t try eating your underwear… Call a DUI lawyer instead!

Stupid Ways to Beat the Breathalyzer

The Craft Beer Drinker’s Guide

September is filled with occasions to celebrate by downing a couple of cold ones – Labor Day, Oktoberfest, and the start of football season to name a few. And if you’re in Colorado, you’re probably enjoying a craft beer from one of the 200+ different breweries our state has to offer.

The problem with craft beer, when it comes to drinking and driving laws at least, is that it’s tough to understand how much alcohol you are consuming in one sitting. The old rule of one drink equals one twelve ounce 5% alcohol by volume beer is not useful anymore. Craft beers are often poured in glasses ranging from 6 to 16 ounces, and can contain anywhere between 4-18% alcohol by volume.
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Assault or Self-Defense?

In a physical confrontation, there’s a fine line between assault and self-defense, but the distinction is critically important since punishment for even a misdemeanor assault charge (3rd degree assault) can bring jail time. And your rights to defend your property may not extend as far as you think they do.

To help illustrate the not so clear distinction between assault and self-defense, three common but fictitious scenarios are outlined below – followed by a verdict and a brief explanation. As you read through the scenarios, try to determine if it’s assault or self-defense.

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How To Answer 6 Common Questions Police Ask at DUI Stops

DUI Attorney Denver

Neither Wolf Law, LLC, nor Jeffrey Wolf support or encourage drinking and driving. Please be responsible and use a designated driver, Uber, Lyft or call a cab.


One night, you’re out having a few drinks with friends. At the night’s end, you “feel fine,” are only “buzzed,” or you “don’t want to leave your car” and decide to drive instead of calling a cab. Half-way home, red and blue flashing lights engulf your rear-view mirror. You’re sitting on the side of the road, watching the officer walk up in your car’s side view mirror. Your heart is pounding through your chest, but it’s important to keep calm. Continue reading “How To Answer 6 Common Questions Police Ask at DUI Stops”